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Ottawa’s only Hydration Station

“Accelerate Your Tan….Rejuvenate Your Skin”

The first Skin Conditioning System specifically designed for the tanning industry.
  • Boosts your tanning colour

  • Breaks through your tanning plateau.

  • Pre-sunless treatment for soft skin

  • Relaxing, rejuvenating and detoxifying.

Realize 2-3 shades darker results with each session!!

The End Result…

  • Darker UV tanning results after just one session

  • Even, flawless sunless results that last days longer

  • Deep and even product application and penetration

  • Advanced absorption of nutrients and active ingredients

  • Smooth, supple, baby soft skin

  • Improved appearance of skin tonality


Hydrofusion™: a combination of radiant heat and steam

Radiant Heat
Efficiently heats the body from within
Enhances the absorption and penetration of skincare products
Accelerate your Accelerators!

Blankets the body in moisture
Enhances skin hydration

This unique piece of spa equipment is the first one in Canada.

The hydration Station deeply hydrates, moisturizes and conditions the skin. It is a wonderful treatment for dry skin conditions. The steam and massage facilitate lymphatic drainage and increase circulation to the extremities. We add a variety of aromatherapy to the steam that prepares, prolongs or protects your UV or Sunless tan.

Need to relax? Immerse yourself in aloe scented steam.

Come and hydrate your skin and feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

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